lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

In troubles... again

Que tal amigos, bien, parece que ya las cosas comienzan a estabilizarse, así que tal vez pueda ir empezando a aventajar las cosas, mientras un nuevo boceto con un viejo protagonista de mis trabajos: Mowgli, el cachorro humano.

Tal parece que Mowgli no puede mantenerse lejos de los problemas por mucho tiempo, tal pareciera que el los atrae, y ahora si que está en un serio aprieto, pues las hormigas han salido a jugar con él.   ¿Logrará salir a tiempo?..


What's up folks, it looks the things are starting to set down, so maybe I could begin to advance with the works here, in the while a new sketch with an old protagonist of my pics: Mowgli, the man cub.

It seems Mowgli could not stay away of the problems for a time, it's like he was a trouble magnet, and now he's in a serious one, this due now the ants have decided to come out to play with him.   Could he get out right on time?..

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  1. This is a masterpiece. Lucky ants have fun with Mowgli... and he is naked!!!

    I hope they have fun with his feet, too. What is the substance on his cock? I like to think ants have tickled Mowgli's cock until he has cum for tickling. I would like to have this fun with my beautiful mancub.

    You are a great artist.


    1. Hi comrade.

      I'm glad you love it, the substance on the cock is honey, so you can imagine how this gonna end ;o)...

    2. Ants will have fun with Mowgli. But I hope Mowgli is very ticklish on his cock, so he can add cum on honey.
      Despite his face, I think he is liking the situation: his fae is angry, but his cock is in full erection. You know the cock shows the true feelings of a boy.


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